Raynor Mendoza's

1965 Chevy C-10 Shortbed Stepside

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15 June 2007
# 1974

From Ray :

           Well, like most of the Stovebolters out there, I have a passion for classic trucks and cars. You see I am 16 and this is my first truck.

           Ever since I was young and could think logically, I had wanted an old truck. I'm sure all of you can relate. I don't believe that cars are made like they used to be and that's a shame. I believe that these classic cars / trucks are a part of our history that needs to be preserved.

           Anyway, last year I started the dreaded "car hunting" with my Dad, and we found some pretty nice cars and trucks but nothing that really caught my attention. Until one day my Dad had told me that he had spotted an old truck on the way home from a baseball game. I was really excited and asked if we could check it out.

           The very next weekend, my Dad and I went for a drive across town to see it. I was really excited about it and I asked my Dad to call the owner about the specifics.

           He and my Dad went over everything and the very next weekend, they struck the deal! We came out with the truck for only $5,500 and have since done alot to it. Here's a good interior shot. And here's one of the 1980's Chevy 350 v 8 engine.

           I really enjoy driving the truck (CRUSH, short for ORANGE CRUSH) to school and love the look on people's faces when they see it. Most of all I love how it is one of a few classic vehicles from this era at my school.

           I really appreciate this wonderful site, and I have learned alot about my truck from it. Thank you all, and hope you enjoy the truck as much as I do!

Raynor Mendoza

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