Todd Coggins'

1951 Chevy 3100

"Stone Blue"

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08 June 2007
# 1967

From Todd :

           Here are a few pictures of my 1951 Chevy 3100. It has a Chevy 350 TBI (throttle body injection) with a 700R4 transmission and disc brakes all around. I got it in 1997 from a friend I worked with. He was driving it to work everyday. One day he was telling me about how his wife was leasing a car and that she was way over her mileage and they wanted to get out of it. At that time, I was driving a 1984 Ford Ranger and jokingly I said to him "I'll swap you my Ranger for your '51." We laughed about it and went back to work.

           The next day he came up to me and said "I talked to my wife and we were wondering if you were serious?" I said "YES!!" I couldn't believe it!!

           After work, I went home and got the title to the Ranger and drove over to his house, did the trade and drove the '51 home. When my wife called home on her lunch break, I told her what I did. She said, “WHAT!! You traded our truck for a 46 year old truck??!!” She got pretty mad at me and hung up. That night when she got home, she woke me up and said, "Is that the truck you traded our's for? It's beautiful!!”

           Well, about six months later, we were buying our new house and I wanted to put a little more money down on it. There was a guy at work that wanted to buy the '51. I sat my wife down and told her that I was getting rid of it and she said "No way! If you sell it, you'll never get another one in that good of shape!"

           SHE WOULDNT LET ME SELL IT!! When we moved in the house, the brakes on the truck were shot and it needed a lot of work so I parked it thinking someday I'll redo everything.

           Fast forward 10 years. We sold the house (and made some real good profit). My wife said to me, "Let's fix up the truck."

           That was all I needed to hear!! I am in the middle of rebuilding it now. Everything I had always wanted to do to it but couldn't afford, I am doing now!! So far I have done a lot to it. The frame has been undercoated after it was c-notched. It has all new spindles, springs, shocks, power steering rack. The steering column is from a 1980 Chevy van that fits really nice in there. I've added new gauges, radio and tons of other stuff.

           I have a ton (105) more pictures on my Webshots.

           The picture above is before and during the rebuild (almost finished). This one is a shot of the new Chevy 350 with the TBI. I also have a video of it on its first startup with the (throttle body injection)!!

           NOW my wife refers to it as "her '51!!" I think they're BOTH keepers!!

Todd Coggins
Bolter # 12594
Las Vegas, Nevada

          Great looking truck Todd! That engine sounds really good!! Must be nice not having to worry about rust out there in the desert! - Gallery Gal

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