Gary Lee Allen Birge's

1966 Chevy C-30 1-Ton

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10 October 2006
# 1686

From Gary :

         I bought this truck off a farmer in Pleasant Hill, Missouri for $1800. It still had the original 8.00 x 17 rims and tires. It's got an inline 6 cylinder, 292 1-barrel motor. The man said it rarely left the farm.

         I rebuilt the motor, slapped on some new paint, cut and welded new floorboards in, rebuilt the corporate rear end and put it back into service. Both sides of the side rails are currently zebra striped. People think it means I'm a Chief's fan. Actually, I was just bored and had some leftover spray paint.

         Now I let it sleep in the garage and bring it out for grocery gett'n and what not. These days, it is the most fuel efficient vehicle I have!

         If you know where parts are, get a hold of me.

Gary Lee Allen Birge
Pleasant Hill, Missouri

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