Dave Kline's

1954 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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24 October 2006
# 1700

From Dave :

           Here are some pictures of my 1954 Chevy truck for the Stovebolt Gallery. I am a great reader of the Stovebolt Page and purchased this one about a year ago.

           I found the truck in a shopper type ad and found out it was only 40 miles from here. I went to look at it and bought it. The truck would not run and had to be hauled home on a rollback. The truck was in storage for a long time and needed all new brake cylinders and master cylinders plus new lines. The ignition system and fuel lines and gas tank needed to be replaced and rear main seals leaked. The truck needed new spindle bolts. The truck did not have any rust or need any body work. No paint work has been done. I put a re-manufactured 235 engine in it with a list of other parts. Added new tires and wheels. This truck is in very nice condition.

           The truck drives very good. It is not a daily driver but I do drive it around the area alot.

           I had a 1946 Chev truck which is on Stovebolt but sold it a few years ago. I sold the '46 because I lost the garage I used to keep it in.

Dave Kline
Lewistown, Pennsylvania

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