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It ran when I parked it 2006

The 7th annual Stovebolt Photo Contest!

Taking a pic




We don't need no
stinkin' theme!

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Introduction ~~ Photo Submissions ~~ Prizes ~~ Winners

      Several things hold up this contest kick-off every year. It use to be the fear of hunting for prizes. But that never was an issue for you guys. You always jump right in anyway. Hence, we fixed our problem by calling them "sur-prises."

      Then there was the regular flurry of activity with lots of shows and events going on at the end of Summer and beginning of Fall.

      The real kick-in-the-pants was THE THEME. We would start discussing the theme for the IRWIPI contest during the heat of summer. We'd go ta throwin' all kinds of crazy ideas around the bunk house and it was plum difficult to get anything to gell. Some of our more crazy ones: a play on the them from Guys and Dolls (Guys and Bolts -- we even had new words to one of the songs) -- dumb. Something from Battlestar Galactica ... Bolter-star Galacticaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ahhhhhhhhh ... real dumb. I won't torture you with any others.

      Well, we finally decided that creativity is over rated and it gets ta be sortta a pain in the backside, a regular brainfest when the brains aren't really willin'. So this year, we scratched our butts, pondered a spell and then just said ta heck with it!


Look what Santa left under the tree ... 40 years ago!      Heck, we've seen references to IRWIPI runnin' wild all over the place. IRWIPI is a theme all in itself! So, we believe the time has finally come to save about 2 million synaptic connections in our collective brains ... and just LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

      We'll save our abstract thinking for something else. Ahhh ... we can feel our hippocampus shrinking already!

      So, the Seventh Annual "It Ran When I parked It" no-theme theme photo contest is on!!!

      For you newcomers, this is the annual search for the ultimate photographic expression of the Big Lie we've all heard when calling on a truck for sale ad -- "It Ran When I Parked It." We all know that IRWIPI is just a euphemism for "There's more chance of me doing successful brain surgery than getting this thing moving again."

After all these years, the rules are pretty much the same.

Well, don't just sit there,

Git, go take some peectures!

Introduction ~~ Photo Submissions ~~ Prizes ~~ Winners

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