Dan Thornton's

1963 Chevy K-10

"Miss Mae"

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We Remember

11 September 2006

# 1667

From Dan :

           I have always loved old trucks. I owned and operated a large roofing company for 20 years and during that time all I would run is old Chevy and Ford trucks. I would buy them cheap and fix them up. Weather they needed new motors or complete break jobs or any thing else these old trucks needed, they would get. While other company's were arriving on the jobs in new $40,000 Ford trucks, my crew and I would show up sporting a 1972 454 Chevy crew cab dually or a 1968 C-50 with a fresh 327, Fuely head, all original Chevy rack truck.

           I had a number of old Fords as well that I need not describe.

           We often got picked on by other crews for looking as though we could not afford new trucks but I always got a big kick rumbling up on the site in my classic fleet packed with industrial roofers getting the job done and rumbling away.

           The roofing company was hard on all my old girls what with too many miles on them, or roof tar all over them, and tools and gear getting tossed into them. These trucks lived a hard life and many were sold to much nicer owners I hope.

           This 1963 K-10 has been with me for a while and I never let a roofer near the thing. I got her on the road this year and she is my baby. She has needed a lot over the years and the project continued off and on. This year I painted her myself and put her on the road.

           T he motor in the truck is a fresh 327 camed up, and Elderbrock intake and carb, dule Flowmasters. She is really running and sounding great. My girl has named the truck Miss Mae.

           I was proud to find, while surfing the web, that I am now a Stovebolter. This has made me very happy. Your web site has become a almost daily visit. I have great fun looking at all the other trucks that these folks have and I am proud to be associated with all of them. Thank you again for the great web site. I was up late last night reading about all my fellow stovebolters.

Dan Thornton
Bolter # 12144
Amherst, Massachusetts

           Well, in October 2006, Dan got himself a second Stovebolt -- a 1957 GMC 1-ton. Why a second truck? Well, he IS a Stovebolter, ya know. It's the beginning of the fever ~~ Editor

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