Brian Tait's

1972 Chevy C-10 and 1971 K-10 4 x 4

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23 October 2006
# 1697 & # 1698

From Brian :

         To start off, I have been a big Chevy fan for many years. I have been on the road for some 25 years and have owned numerous models and kinds / colors of Stovebolts. I wanted to share some of my existing projects. After seeing this fine '72 C-10 sitting at the local Cenex store (growing up we drove by it every day), I fell in love with this truck in its original form.

         Well, years passed and my buddy bought this truck and the motor was bad. So I helped him swap it out and did some other TLC for him, being I know a bit about these pickups.

         Seven years pass, and I marry my sweetheart. We had some left over wedding money to spend, so I thought we could see if my buddy was interested in selling that old '72. He agreed !

         It had been treated to an outside storage program, so it was looking kinda tired and in need of some love. We bought it and have been fixing on it as we can afford.

         Now the second find I am kinda happy to have in the family is this 1971 K-10 4 x 4 that I found for $350 in the paper. Well, needless to say it needs some work, but it does run. My plan is to maybe take the '72 C-10 body and put on the running gear of the 4 x 4 old Greeny.

         Any objections?

Brian Tait
Mandan, North Dakota

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