John Fortune's

1950 Chevy Delux Coup

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25 October 2006

From John :

         This is a 1950 Chevy Delux coup that some one cut down into a pickup -- or what you see. It had truck plates on it when I spotted it in a draw. The back end was full of old junk lumber scrap metal and lots of dirt. I cleaned it all out and was surprised to find the only rust-out was in the spare tire well.

         I drug it home and put a 261 in it out of an old truck I sold. It runs great now. I just need to get the interior livable and the body presentable. It won't be a show car -- just a neat driver.

John Fortune
Bolter # 5960
South Dakota

         John has a 1967 Chevy C-10 in the Gallery from March 2003 - an old farm truck that he restored with his son. He also has a 1953 Chevy 1-ton Flatbed that he added to the Gallery in August 2005. ~~ Editor

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