Jeff Erickson's

1947 GMC COE 1.5-Ton

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10 October 2006
# 1687

From Jeff :

        Hello all! Here are some pics of my wonderful new gal. She's a 1947 GMC COE. Her VIN is 308. She's surprisingly complete and has very little damage / rust. According to the Old GMC website, she has a 236 inline 6, although I haven't cleaned the grime off the engine to see. She's a 1.5-ton and she's got 43K on the odometer. She's mostly there with very little missing. But looks can be decieving.

        She was dragged up here to Kingston, Washington from Kansas. She spent most of her life in the Nebraska / Kansas area.

        Saving the best for last -- she is an old beer truck! Metz brewing Company out of Omaha. Extra Dry! Or so says on the hood. In business from 1938-1961 according to an internet search. More pictures are here -- please feel free to check 'em out!

        Thanks for a wonderful site!

Jeff Erickson
Bolter # 10264
Kingston, Washington

        Jeff also has a 1953 Chevy 3100 in the Gallery ~~ Editor

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