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It ran when I parked it!


We don't need no stinkin' theme


We call them "sur-prizes" because you all just amaze us! You don't need some $10,000 gift certificate or trip to the Stovebolt Heaven Junkyard to be motivated. However, we do get some cool and fun stuff and we sincerely appreciate the sponsors who support this insanity. Be sure to let them know you are a 'Bolt Nut.

Thanks to our prize donors:

Grand prize is $200 cold hard cash!

American Classic Truck Parts
Autographed copy of Tom Brownell's book:
"How to Restore your Chevrolet Pickup Truck"

The Header Buddy
Set of Header Buddies

The Filling Station
Universal Car Dolly (set of four)


Mar-K Quality Parts
A pair of bed side hole caps

Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts
Chevy Shop Clock

Vintage Truck
One year subscription to Vintage Truck Magazine

The Stovebolt Page Mall
A $50 shopping spree


Good going and thanks!

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Each winner gets an autographed copy of Tom's new book

    American Classic Truck Parts is providing a copy of Tom Brownell's great updated classic: How to Restore Your Chevrolet Pickup for each of our winners.

     If you don't already have this book, you might want to get your copy from ACTP (be sure to tell them you're a Stoveboler).

It'll make a nice Christmas present, if you need to drop a hint or two. It's a great book (read the Stovebolt book review) and the updated version now has a section on Big Bolts and Powder Coating.


Purdee Industries

(Home of the Header Buddy -- The newest innovation in exhaust technology) has donated a gift certificate for the winners choice (with free shipping) of a

Set of Header Buddies


    Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts has donated a Chevy Shop Clock, a 23" diameter wall clock which is a reproduction of a famous Chevrolet clock. A $65.00 value.


    The Filling Station is donating a set of four 12" auto dollys (made in the USA). These sell for $159.00 per set and they are great for any truck nut (or car nut, model years 1912-2000) with a dead vehicle to store in tight areas on a cement floor.

     THE UNIVERSAL CAR DOLLY --- The Auto Dolly was designed to assist in moving automobiles, trucks, boats, trailers, lawn tractors, jet skis, motorcycles, airplanes, and most heavy vehicles with ease. The Auto Dolly is placed under each tire of the vehicle, making the vehicle a rolling cart that will now roll in any direction with ease. The large roller bearing casters make it simple for anyone to move the vehicle in any direction. Each dolly has a rating of 1,500 lbs. or 6,000 lbs. per set; Low profile, rugged 1/4" steel construction and it's Made in the USA!

     Ertel Publishing has donated a one year subscription to Vintage Truck Magazine.

    Vintage Truck magazine began as This Old Truck in 1992 to fill a unique niche in the old-truck hobby. The magazine is dedicated to providing comprehensive information about the classic preservation of pickups, vans, station wagons, light trucks, 4x4s, and commercial cars of all makes and models (1980 and earlier) — up to 2-tons.

     Vintage Truck magazine focuses on restored and original trucks as well and the daily drivers that readers find so useful. They offer technical and historical articles and provide a forum for readers to showcase their favorite trucks. In 2002, they changed the name of the magazine from This Old Truck and updated the look. If you haven't seen Vintage Truck, don't miss a chance to see an issue.

     And ... (this is great) Vintage Truck will make a donation to The Stovebolt Page for each new or re-newed subscription. So ... treat yourself and help support the Bolt!


     Mar-K Quality Parts is donating a pair of bed side hole caps.  Three different styles available to choose from -- plain, bowtie or reflector.

Introduction ~~ Photo Submissions ~~ Prizes ~~ Winners

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