Doug Engstrom's

1960 Chevy Apache 20 3/4-Ton Stepside

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25 October 2006
# 1703

From Doug :

           I found this 1960 Chevy Apache 20 3/4-ton Stepside in the yard of a feed store in Chester, New Jersey in 1999. It has a sign on it and knew this one was for me. Both of us were "born" in 1960 and in need of a little restoration.

           The tired old truck was all there and was very obviously all original (accept for the radio). The doors still have the logo on them and my research tells me this could be the original truck used by John Gregory of Gregory's Saw Mill of Wilton, CT. A web site says the original saw mill closed up and the original owner retired to Ohio to raise horses.

           The feed store (seller) wanted nothing more to do with the truck so I paid him $2,000. After overcoming the bad spot in the starter, I drove it home with a bed full of extra parts and a blue smoke screen from the 235 six. It was thick enough for us to be mistaken by the State Police for a "low flying crop duster!" I cussed the ticket nearly half way home and was so distracted by it that I mistakenly went for fourth gear (being used to my 68' Camaro) and FOUND one! Wow, what a thrill that was.

           The ride went from a truck with a capital UCK to the ride Chevy hoped the first year of four wheel independent would be -- smooth!

           I burned nearly all the oil on the 100 mile trip to Atlantic City where I live. Thankfully, it needed just a valve job and a new starter. I have put it in storage since then.

           The pictures show where it is as of October 14. I'll post more as the process goes along. The cab and bed are now off frame and many new and used parts are in the garage. I'm hoping to get the frame to the sandblaster and powder coater by the end of the year. Then I'll start putting her back together over the winter.

           The thought of restoring this truck got me through my restoration and after getting married last year to a woman who LOVES this truck too, it's the truck's turn to come back to life! The wife even helps me with this. Made getting the cab off the frame a snap. Lucky me!


Doug Engstrom
Bolter # 12203
Atlantic City, New Jersey

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