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1946 Chevrolet Holmes W35 Wrecker

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20 October 2006
# 1695

From Spanky :

           This is the 'lil Spankster (Eric who is 2.5 years old) at the North Carolina Tow Show here in Burlington early this month. He is two years old and he enjoys these trucks almost as much as I do.

         After I got the truck, I only had to spruce it up a bit and then I took it to the NC Tow Show. I'll probably just leave it as it is and take it to shows here and there.

           The truck is a 1946 Chevrolet, with Holmes Heavy Duty W35 Wrecker unit. I purchased this truck back in July from Florence, South Carolina. It had been sitting at a used car lot for several years with weeds waist high around it. Before that, it had been owned by a small repair shop in Maxton, North Carolina. Originally it was owned by a small Chevrolet dealership in southern North Carolina.

         Back in the '30s thru the early '50s, the Holmes Heavy Duty W35 and Holmes Heavy Duty W45 wreckers were the heavy duty wreckers of the Ernest Holmes Company. Somewhere around 1951 or 1952, they were replaced by the Holmes 650 and Holmes 850 heavy duty wreckers. Holmes recommended that the units be placed on heavier duty trucks than 1.5- ton and 2-ton trucks. A lot of Chevy and Ford dealerships, that didn't normally stock heavy duty trucks, would put them on medium duty trucks -- like my '46 2-ton.


Catch ya later,

Spanky Hardy
Bolter # 3026
Burlington, North Carolina

           In November, Spanky added his 1952 Chevrolet 3800 1-Ton Panel and 1952 GMC 450 3-Ton COE Road Tractor to the Gallery. But he's got lots more! Be sure to check Spanky's Webshots album for lots more pictures of his extensive collection. ~~ Editor

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