Scott Hood's

1951 Chevy 4-Tonne Tipper (Aussie)

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25 October 2006
# 1701

From Scott :

           Hello! Here are the photos of my 1951 Chevy 4 tonne wind up Tipper.  It is close to what you class as a 4400. It has the original 235 motor in it and it still runs good.  The gear box is 4 speed and the diff is a single speed.  All the plates are still fixed to the firewall but it is hard to find any information about this truck.

           It was assembled in Melbourne Australia by General Motors- Holden's. The records at Holden only go back to 1973. The engine No. is XR456630 and the other plate is 51 1132 HB021.  The chassis is a 137S.  The one bit of info I did track down was the colour is Swift Red.  

           I bought it off a bloke who brought it off a bloke  who brought it from a builder local to my area.  The company name is still visible on the headboard.

           The front grille is a bit sad and the floor too. The rest is not so bad.  It's a complete truck with all the glass which is a bonus.


Scott Hood
Bolter # 12095
Rockhampton, Queensland

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