Jeremy Clark's

1972 Chevy Cheyenne

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27 October 2006
# 1705

From Jeremy's Dad:

           Hello. This is my '72 Chevy Cheyenne. It was Grandpa's and was passed down to me. It is lowered two inches in front four inches in the back. It has 402 strocker motor in it with built 400 behind it. I don't remember the rear gears but it's a lot to hold on to when you get on the gas. It's lots of fun.

           My truck was built and customized by my friend's Grandfather. My friend sold it to me -- well, to my Dad. My Dad then passed it on to me. The picture here is at my parent's house in Pleasanton, Texas, just below San Antonio. The truck will soon come back to California where I am going to school.

Jeremy Clark
"richard head"
Bolter # 12401
Pleasanton, Texas

           Jeremy's Dad submitted this entry for the Gallery and first round, he sent us this photo of Jeremy hard at work at school. I just had to include it. College life. Man, hard times! Wait until he gets his truck back. I'm sure his life will lighten up some. ~~ Editor

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