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1962 Chevrolet 2-Ton Flatbed

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December 2007: Norm reported that he has sold this truck. Have not heard from the new owner yet ~~ Editor

24 October 2006
# 1699

From Norm :

         Just wanted to say thanks and to say this is one of if not the best sites I have ever found. I have wanted to restore a larger big bolt for many years. Had a hard time finding anyone who had the same interest as I had. Many restore the pickups and cars but I guess it must be my farming background, I wanted a truck. Time went on and I kind of gave up over the years.

         Then the internet -- what a great thing for finding information and I found this site. So, the search was on again. Finally in early October, I found something that would fit my budget. All in all $600.

         It's a 1962 Chev 2-ton with 261 4 speed with 2 speed. Needs some carb work. As I drove it home, I had to stop and buy wiper blades as they were long gone. It was cold and rainy and there was no heater, as usual the controls are broken. It was raining and getting dark when I got home.It drove out pretty good. It has new rims with radial tires. The tires are fair. Has a nice metal bed with a tool box under it.

         The truck came with a Kohler 7,000 watt generator in the tool box. Guy I bought it from said it ran fine when he pulled it out of his motorhome. No gas or battery for it. He was going to hook it up to use it then changed his mind but did not want to take it out again. I will have to check it out.

         The Bolt has good glass, some rust but not too bad I think. Right front fender has a pretty good dent in it. But all in all I'm happy.

         The previous owner said it was a state or county truck sometime in its life. You could tell as it has had a beacon on the cab and some other items. I found some stickers that showed it had a new utility body placed on it in 1988. I could see where the equipment that was on it had been cut off. Still has the nice bed on it. They stuck a 1964-66 pickup grille on it. That looks kind of funny. Grille is in good shape if anyone has a 1962 truck grille they want to trade for.

         It will never be a show truck like some but I hope some day to get it looking good.

         That’s another thing that I like about the Stovebolt -- there are ideas for those who can spend a large amount to restore and those like me who kind of have to watch it but still want a Stovebolt that they can be proud of.

         Thanks to the staff and hope you enjoy the pictures. Here are some more in my Photobucket. Hopefully soon I can add some “after” shots to the current “before.”

Norm Tew
Bolter # 10751
Shelley, Idaho

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