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1950-something Chevy 3100 1/2-Ton

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19 October 2006
# 1694

From Al :

           Hi ya gang. Had a great time at the All Truck Nats in Riverside, Missouri.

           Thought I'd submit a couple of pics of my '50-something project. The cab and front fenders, hood, etc. are donors from a '50 6400. The frame is '53 3/4-ton. The wheels and tires are off a F*#d van 16.5.

           The motive power will be a 250 later model 6 cyl with a 350 turbo tranny. I've got a power brake set up from an '84 Blazer, and power steering from a '69 Chev 1/2-ton.

           Oh thank Heavens for salvage yards and swap meets! I did have to buy new windshield and back glass rubber from Ole "Chevy Duty." I also bought a couple of peep mirrors from them at the show at the All Truck Nationals.

           I'll be sendin' some upgrade pics after I get some more work and the paint done.

Keep on trukin',

Al Falke
Bolter # 3926
Lowry City, Missouri

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