John Gott's

1941 Chevy 1.5-Ton G-506 Military Dump

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16 October 2006
# 1689

From John :

           Here is my 1941 Chevy 1.5-ton G-506 military dump. She is a a big bolt that I use to make runs to the local dump and I always get a thumbs up from other drivers.

           The production of this vehicle was around 5600 (cargo/dump) total from 1940 to 1945. The first batch went to the engineering company building the ALCAN highway. My truck was built on 12-27-40 in New Jersey.

           I have a 1955 235 engine in it now but the rest of the drivetrain is original. The axles are geared at 6. 51 to 1. I can climb a tree and go 45 mph with a tail wind. For more pics, check out my website.

           I have worked on this truck for two years and did a frame-off restoration. The dump bed and Hercules hoist are original. The cab came from a donor truck and the firewall is an NOS piece. I rebuilt the axles and transmission (new seals and bearings).

           This winter I am planning on putting a new bed in the dump body. ER Harvey metal working in Easton (Maryland) made a new tailgate and front bumper for me and Cecil radiator in Star (Maryland) re-cored the radiator. When you have time please visit the Vehicles of Victory website for a complete history on these trucks.

           I get a big kick out of the looks I get when I raise the bed to dump my yard waste, while everybody else is raking their grass out of their pick up truck beds.

John Gott
Bolter # 4984
Stevensville, Maryland

           Oh boy and if this isn't enough to shake you a little, you need to see "Gott Boy's Garage." Complete with lifters. Groan. Sigh. (And it's still so clean ... well, he did just finish it.) John says he "wanted to build a bigger garage but this is as big as the county would let me build since we live in a "critical area" meaning we close to the Bay. This building is a Morton Building." Hmmm ... maybe we need to head to the Eastern shore more often OR I'd better not let my John see this! ~~ Editor

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