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1951 Chevy 1-Ton Dump Truck

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21 August 2006
# 1626

From Rob :

           I finally found my Bolt! I even found it here on The Stovebolt Page! I was looking at the Freebies section in the Swap Meet (being the frugal tightwad I am ) and I saw the magic words 1950 1-ton dump! It was even located fairly close (about 150 miles round trip) in Southern Ohio.

           Harvey e-mailed me back with his phone number and I called him up. I had him measure the tread width while I was on the phone. I had to know if it'd fit my trailer. So the whole family loaded up, after first hooking up the trailer, throwing my tools in the truck, my big comealong and my trailer spare and we were off. Made the drive up there not really knowing what to expect as far as rust (I was pleasantly surprised), but fairly sure I was gonna bring it home, after all it was FREE!

           Needless to say we made it there safely. Harvey came out to meet us and then we got down to business loading it up. We also came to the conclusion it was a '51 and not a '50 (wing glass and push button door handles). We had to take off the outside duals to get it on my trailer. It was interesting loading since it was stuck in gear, but Harvey's GMC made easy work of it.

           We took a few pics and then headed for home. On the way back, we stopped and picked up some supper and saw some older cars going by and pointing (don't that always make you feel good?). Found out they were going to a cruise in, so I just cruised through the parking lot then headed on home to the unloading adventure.

           It didn't come off the trailer near as easy as it went on. Both of the 7.00 x 18's left on the rear lost about all their air. Remember also that the truck is stuck in gear. We hooked up the 4600 Ford tractor with the boom pole on and couldn't keep the front wheels of the 4600 on the ground. Then we tried a straight pull (but now it was raining). The tires just spun and dug holes in the yard. So, then I tell my son to wait and let me get in my F-350 and try to pull the trailer out from under it. Well we kinda played tug of war a bit and the '51 won! It was still on the trailer.

           Finally we hooked to the boom pole again and raised it just a bit (stopped before tractor wheels came up ) and then pulled the trailer out with the F-350. After we aired the tires up a bit, it pulled pretty easily with the tractor (wife wanted it outta sight of the house, can you imagine that?). Here are a couple of pics. Now you can see me and my bald spot, and Harvey and his K-9 companion.

           The truck does have a good bit of rust. I'll need a better cab if I fix it nice. In the mean time, I'll probably just get it running and usable. Probably give it a coat of primer to keep it from rusting completely away.

           The tranny has had water in it and pushed the freeze plug out of the pto unit (that's why it is stuck in gear, rusted up pretty bad). I've gotta plug it up with something and fill it with diesel to soak and hopefully free up. I found this out when the diesel I poured in ran out on the ground. I pulled the plugs yesterday and squirted diesel in the cylinders so hopefully the engine will free up easily.

           I know where there are a few old big bolts I might be able to get for parts (hopefully free ). The serial number tag is missing and I have no title, but the state will re-assign it a number (my '48 Willys was done this way before I got it).

           I guess I've always been looking for an old bolt. I use to have a '49 3600 about 18 years ago and the first truck I ever drove was '70 C-20 that Dad had -- I think I was 12. Of course, before that I used to set and play in his old '65 C-10. Pappaw used to have a '65 Stepside when I was very young. Dad ended up buying a new '79 F*** so I kinda strayed on my truck for a spell (still have about 7 or 8 in various stages of disrepair), also a couple for sale.

         Well there you have it, I've confessed. Also I'm still afflicted with the Willys bug, Farmall bug, cub cadet bug .....Guess I'm just addicted to old junk !

Rob Heddleston
"Still Lookin'"
Bolter # 8833
Petersville, Kentucky

           Well, golly day moses Rob, this is GREAT! Wonder if you'll be needin' to change your forum handle?. Of course, though, now you'll be still lookin' for parts!! Oh, and we did miss something in your profile pix!! ~~ Editor

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