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1959 Chevy Apache 32

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05 February 2007 Update
# 1691

From Stevie :

           Well since I've started to hear back from you all, you guys have given me a bit of a problem -- do i drive it or put it away and just look at it never to be seen in public again?

           Me and the truck are the same age, slight problem, it' s lasting better than me. Come summer, I will take it to a few shows here and there and I will let you know how it all goes then.

           I suppose I could have bought a truck that's a perfect daily driver, custom - restored or otherwise. But I felt a truck or car with these credentials, I just had to have. There's got to be another stored away somewhere. Does anyone know of one?

           Anyway, hope some of you enjoy some extra pics I've put on. I would have loved to restore one, but I have not the time, and they are only original once.

           Certain things you notice. For example, paint finishes etc. -- there isn't much of it, wheel arches - door edges etc., all quite poor, with hardly any paint in some areas, and others none at all. The area under the dash is still bare steel. Any interior black is like a black wash. In this picture you can see that all paint edges seem to be done with a stencil instead of a sharp tape line. The truck still has its original tyres on, Dominion Royal Master 760-15, which are as new. I do need a spare for sidemount. The original went missing sometime ago. Must be as new. Now there's a challenge for someone!

           Check out the original Delsey kleenex tissues from 1959 that were still in the glovebox. The original owner had a bad cold when he picked up the truck so story goes. Here's a shot of the road marker and breakdown flags fixed under sidemount. The original markings on seat fixings - bolts all have gold wash finish, and never had a spanner on them in 47 years.

           After all this, probably won't get me to the shops first time out. Ah well, that's life. Would look good at side of road. I think I would just pull out a beer out and sit in the back till it gets dark.


Steve Taylor
Bolter # 12146
Nottingham, England

16 October 2006
# 1691

From Steve :

           Hi! I thought you might like a new addition to your site, something "a bit special and rare." I think. This is the wording when purchased from Christie's Auction, New York, 2000. This unique Apache 32 is recorded as being delivered new in May 1959 to Red Deer, Canada for a purchase price of $3,569 Canadian. As the original bill of sale dictates, the pick up was ordered with a full list of options including

  • shade lite glass
  • heavy duty radiator core
  • tire carrier
  • heavy duty springs
  • limited slip diff
  • heavy duty clutch
  • chrome trim package
  • cigar lighter
  • radio
  • seat covers
  • undercoating
  • dual horns
  • gas filter
  • matching windshield visor
  • custom cab

           The original owner, a well-to-do Canadian farmer, purchased the truck late in his life in May 1959 and used it only as a summer Sunday driver until his death that September. It is understood that during his lifetime, the truck had accumulated less than 700 miles. Thereafter, the Apache was kept by his son as a cherished memento of his late Father. It was routinely started and driven monthly to ensure its proper running condition, and fuel, fluids, and any cosmetic work were attended to as needed.

           The current owner purchased this time capsule Apache from the son earlier this year. After 40 odd years in air conditioned storage, and such caring ownership, the Apache remains in pristine condition. The owner reports the original paint is in excellent condition. The chrome work is pristine. The engine and bay are very clean as to be expected of a low mileage example. The interior features a very rare seat cover in gold (which are also as new). The truck has a special equipment farm rear bumper, supplied by General Motors. It also has its original wooden side boards that match the trucks exterior paint (tartan turquoise and white).

           This lovely example has now only covered some 844 miles and without a doubt is one of the lowest mileage original examples of its kind. It is absolute top quality in every way.

           Phew! That was off the auction description (mostly), but believe me it's every bit as good and it's a very accurate description. It's a 6 cylinder, 4 speed manual transmission. It smells new. It's rattle free. It drives like it was fetched yesterday.

           Don't ask how much this cost! Crown jewels spring to mind!

           This is the first truck I have owned. The other American cars I had have all been early Corvettes '54-'59 and '62, a '41 Caddy coupe and a '60 T-bird.

           Thanks. Hope you find this lot half interesting.


Steve Taylor
Bolter # 12146
Nottingham, England
I live more or less in the center of the United Kingdom, about four miles from Nottingham Castle ( not that it resembles a castle anymore)], and about 10 miles from Sherwood Forest -- Robin Hood country, ye old trip to Jerusalem. The Old Ale house, one of oldest pubs in Britain and supposedly haunted, is just below the castle grounds. A whole network of underground sandstone tunnels exist under Nottingham City, were used in the old days for storing beer, tanning leather, and numerous escape routes. Caves and artifacts are being discovered all the time. Any building works usually uncover old bricked up entrances. Interesting stuff!

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