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Bob Carragher's

1959 Apache Longbed Stepside

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28 August 2006

From Bob :

           Just wanted to let you know that I am selling my truck. Thank you for your great web site, without which I would not have been able to complete this project with my son.


Bob Carragher
"Grapevine Bob"
Bolter # 3201
Grapevine, Texas

12 January 2005

Dear Editor,

           Wanted to send some updates of my '59 long stepside.

           I've been working on my truck for about two and a half years now. I took it down to the frame (sand blasted), new brakes, lines, shoes, drums, bearings fuel lines. Had the body down to bare metal, zinc chromate primer and paint by a friend at Maaco. Body work was done by another friend.

           Needs the windows installed and upholstery done.

           Many hours of fun time spent with my Son and Daughter working on it, shopping swap meets and just planning the steps to take.

           I am trying to keep it bone stock this is an original 65,000 mile Texas truck that I am the third owner of.

Bob Carragher
"Grapevine Bob"

17 May  2003  

From Bob

Fellow Enthusiasts;

           I figured I should share my tale instead of just reading others.  It started almost a year ago, innocently enough.  Matt, a friend from work, was talking about a truck located next to his fatherís place of business that needed a new home ($700).  Well, Rick was thinking about buying it only to take it back up north to part out.  I asked how set he was about buying it he asked if I was interested in it. I really wasnít at the time. 

           Rick and I took a trip to Alvarado, Texas to look at it. When we got there, we couldnít believe how nice it was.  The truck is a í59 Apache longbed stepside.  

           Story goes is that the town lawyer was the original owner and the guy (Steve) I was to buy it from started to do a refresh for the guy (Scott) who bought the truck from the lawyer.  Well, this Scott ran out of money and told Steve to sell the truck for what he could get to settle his account. 

           We took the truck with us since Rick owns a flatbed and hauled the truck back home. I am hoping to do a proper restoration on this original Texas truck.

           I'll submit new photos as they come along.  Thanks for reading,

Bob Carragher
"Grapevine Bob"

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