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Rich Winter's

1947 Chevy Loadmaster

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07 January 2005

From Rich:


     Greetings! After belonging and posting for several months now, I'm finally learning enough about this computer to attempt sending you some photos. I hope you get them.


     My truck is a '47 Chevy Loadmaster. I got it about a year and a half ago from my neighbor (he lives about a mile away) who used it as a farm truck.


     The first photo shows what it looked like when I got it. The second photo shows what it looks like now. The paint is original, except on the lower half of the doors. It's amazing how well it buffed out!


     The engine has been replaced with a 307 V8 out of a '68 Impala. This had been done by a previous owner (not the guy I bought it from). And, of course, it is 12-volt. I put an electric fuel pump on it and electric windshield wipers. Also replaced a broken manifold and gave it a tune up.


     Other than that, and a good clean up, it hasn't needed much else. Eventually, I'll need to rewire it, along with a few more cosmetic improvements, etc. But for now, I'm just enjoying it as it is and driving it in a few parades, etc.



Rich Winter
Janesville, MN

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