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Scott Schie's

1961 Chevy LCF L-70

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04 January 2005

From Greg:

     This is Scott Schie's truck. From what I'm told, it's a 1961 LCF L-70 cab. It spent all it's life as a water truck for a fire department. It has a V-8 motor in it -- maybe a 348 -- not sure. Whatever they put in there in that year.

     The truck has 8,000 miles on it so I didn't have that much work to rebuild it. A few spots where it was rusty but not that bad. So just got a teal paint job and it's going to be a 12' dumping ruff cut flat bed.

     Here's some pic's of it from when I started and where I am now. I'll make sure I send a pic when I'm done.

     I have had it one year so far and have done good so far.



Thanks and you have a great web site :}

Scott Schie
Buffalo NY

     "Godzillalives" is me -- Greg -- a friend of Scott's. It's Scott's '61. He hates computers -- he won't go near them. I was looking for some parts for him and I saw "Dodgezilla" (John's former Dodge Ram was in the Alternate Gallery and is in the Trailering Tech Tips -- Editor). I'm trying to get a 1963 or '64 C-60 fire truck but the guy that has it is nuts on the price but last time I talked to him he's starting to come around. It looks good that I'll have it by spring :}

Greg Karl
Buffalo NY

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