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Pat Wilson's

1956 GMC 1-Ton NAPCO

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04 January 2005

From Pat:

     Here is my 1956 GMC 1 ton NAPCO truck. So far, 19 years in the restoration and counting -- but now moving a little faster forward. The engine is rebuilt, a 336 V8, as the 316 I was unable to find.

     I am restoring to stock condition as possible as I can. The 9-foot stepside bed is also in "process."

     I have installed an overdrive as needed for the freeway drivability but is easily removable for a show if needed.

     Here are just the two recent photos I have but more are available on our NAPCO web site.

     This poor truck I have had in a million pieces all this time and like a lion, I wouldn't give up on her as I knew her full potential of becoming reborn. Living thru several girl friends who could care less. Then I met my wife who didn't but now she understands and the dream is a sure deal. My wife named her Jezebel!


Pat Wilson
Westminster, CA

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