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Andre Tetrault's

1958 GMC 1/2-Ton Stepside

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25 January 2005

From Andre:

         My name is Andre Tetrault. I live in a small town called Ste-Agathe, Manitoba,Canada. It is just one hour north of the Pembina border in North Dakota.

         I have four great kids and an understanding wife.

         Here's the '58 at the place where I bought her -- not running but complete -- 700.00 bones. Love at first sight. Four rusted cab corners. No exhaust from the manifold back, and dented fenders. Three-on-a-tree that sticks. Bent grill, bumpers. (They have been straightened somewhat by me.)


         The "6" in her sputtered to life in about 45 minutes and had ample oil pressure for being parked since '81. So I towed her home, cleaned the carb, and it ran smoothly. So I am making my list, surfin for parts, etc. I've cleaned the carb and tank.


         I want to make her street legal and use her to go to work instead of the Chevy ""family-hauler." And no she's not stuck, just who needs a blade!! It's all about tires, tires, tires.


         Anyway, I can't find turn signals for my '58. Any body know where I can find some? E-mail me!


         The "shed" I built for the project has in-floor heat, 12 ft ceiling, satellite dish for truck shows, etc., dsl hook-up for the computer, three inch drain for washing, piped in water, 200 amp service, 12x8 attached shed in back for storage and -- well, not finished yet! Ran out of cash. But that's why the truck is not inside being worked on yet.


         I would like to add I love your site. I check it ritually every day. Thank-you and keep up the great work!!!


Andre Tetrault
Ste-Agathe, Manitoba

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