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Mark Tribble's

1949 Chevy 3800

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11 January 2005

From Mark:

     My saga is kind of just getting started.

     I found this old 1949 3800 Chevy in a barn outside of Oxford, MS. It had been "rode hard and put up wet." I don't think it will ever be nice and shiny. But I want it to be a work truck, so I'm not picky about looks.

     Anyway, we trailered it home (about 90 miles) and put it in my barn. I've just now gotten the time to start on it. So here are some pictures.

     I'm not much of a mechanic but I like getting skinned knuckles and getting dirty and greasy and spending lots of money.

     Thanks for all the help on the site. It's great!

Mark Tribble
Starkville, MS

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