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Greg Miller's

1960 Apache 10 1/2-Ton Stepside

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09 January 2005

From Greg:

     Ok - three years after a move to CA that saw my '49 3/-ton lost in transit**, here is my '60 Apache 10, 1/2-t LB stepside.

     Nothing special -- Stovebolt, three on the tree, small window, and possibly the ugliest truck Chevy ever turned out. The clutch slave wasn't working well when I got the truck. Shortly after that I found out the engine was given an "emergency treatment," (read -- large amounts of STP) so the engine sounded and compression tested much better than it was. Live and learn.

     Not sure what I want to do with it. Small block with AT or rebuild the 'bolt and mate up a 4 or 5 speed. But it's grown on me so much, I feel I have to keep it.

     Will keep you posted on the progress. We're in the middle of monsoon season here in the Bay area so it will be a month or so before I tear into it. These pictures were taken in summer).

Greg Miller
Concord, CA

** Here's the story on the '49. I asked and Greg was kind enough to tell ~~ Editor

     The '49 wouldn't start when the movers came. Since it was a van line company, the truck had to run so they could move it on and off the van as they made other deliveries. So I had another hauler go get it. The haulers said they went to get the tuck but there wasn't one there. I had a former neighbor check the garage. Yup, no truck. Went back to the hauler and they said yea, maybe they got the truck but it was going to Concord, NC not Concord, CA (probably a shop truck for some NASCAR types by now). Problem was since no one signed for the pickup, couldn't go back against the hauler. Now, that company is out of business. I keep hoping I'll find but not likely.

     Does that stink or what? ~~ Editor :(

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