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Jared Ebersole's

1955 1st Series Chevy 5-window

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04 January 2005


From Jared:


     This is my 1955 1st series 5 window Ĺ-ton that I purchased in March. The truck belonged to a friendís stepfather who had plans of someday restoring it. Unfortunately he passed away and never had the chance to work on the truck. I decided to give it a good home.


     Over the past few months, I have disassembled the truck down to the frame and scrapped off 50 years worth of grease and oil mixed with North Carolina clay. Over the winter I plan on starting the bodywork (which will be quite extensive).



     This site has given me some great ideas as well as advice. Keep up the good work!




Jared Ebersole
Raleigh NC


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