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Chris Neilson's

1972 Chevy Short Bed

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01 January 2005

From Chris:

     Hey! My name is Chris Neilson. I'm from Guthrie, Oklahoma.

     I purchased this truck from a old man that was keeping it in his garage. I bought it for $3,650 two years ago. Someone started customizing it. It's a '72 Swb with a '68 front clip and gauges, too. It has a 350 W/400 turbo. dyno at 455 hp.

     I wanted it so bad that I sold my '67 Chevelle for it. Here is a picture of the Chevelle I sold to get the '72.

     I plan to restore it with in the next year.


     Thanks for looking at it.

Chris Neilson
Guthrie, Oklahoma

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