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Mongo's Low-buck Cab Dolly

By "K C Mongo"

    I recently started another Stovebolt project and had a good idea for a great "low buck" cab cart.

    I asked the guy at my local grocery store if they had any pallets that I could have. The guy led me out the back door to a pile of pallets that were damaged in one way or another that they didn't want to mess with. He warned me about taking any from the good pile on the other side of the door and set me loose.

    After a little digging, I found a nice double pallet with a couple broken boards. After salvaging some replacement boards from another pallet nearby to fix it with, I loaded it all in my truck. I headed over to Harbor Freight where I picked up a set of 4" swivel wheels ($20). Next I picked up some lag bolts to hold the wheels on (about $5) and headed home to assemble.

    I tore off the bad boards, screwed the replacement boards back on, and drilled and screwed the wheels on the bottom and I was done!

    A good heavy duty cab cart that I can take the wheels off of and toss when I'm done working on my cab.

    I've attached pics of the finished product with my '47 cab on it. Have used it with two others ... and it's holding up great!

Steve Mosley


Editor: Good tip, Mongo - thanks. We get pallets from Lowe's. So, my guess is that it may not be very hard for Bolters to find them. We have a similar tech tip on putting together a cab dolly from Randy Bowman. Perhaps a "marriage" of these two ideas will get you a good, inexpensive dolly.

February 2005

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