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1949 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton

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Leonardtown, Maryland



"Ol' Blu"

Owned by Bill Jesse
Bolter # 3901
Victoria, British Columbia

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in the Electrical Bay

05 March 2007 Update

From Bill:

         Rolled the old blue truck out of the garage last week. Put insurance on her and took it for her first ride since October 23. With the crazy winter we had, I don't regret storing her.

         I know that you might not believe this, but in this part of Canada, we don't get much snow (if any). What does fall, lasts a day. Except this year! We had two storms that lasted a week or so. I normally drive the truck year round but this year decided to do some work on it, so I kept it indoors.

         She ran real fine -- did about six miles and put in a fresh tank of gas. Even the bias-ply tires were smooth riding in no time!

         The only snag I found, and it was small, was that the brakes were grabbing when I stopped hard. I am hoping that a few more brake applications might get them cured if not I'll pull the drums and see if something is sticking or not returning properly.

         Our spring flowers are out and the blossoms are on the trees. I have mown my lawns a few times this year already. It's spring and it sure is nice to get back behind the wheel again!

Bill Jesse

We wanted to include a photo of Sedgewick, Bill's adorable rabbit. Sedgewick use to be in Alternative Gallery until we had to close it down. So, for folks with "other passions," we encourage them to include a bit about that with their Gallery stuff. ~ Editor

07 January 2005 - update

From Bill:

          Finally got a digital camera and here is the second shot of my '49 "Ol' Blu." You already have the first!

          It lives with me and my '53 Chevy in Victoria BC. It is basically stock except for a 1956 235 and was rebuilt about 15 years ago. It was originally sold to a family on Saltspring Island and I am the fourth owner.

          I don't plan to do much more to her except a total brake job in the spring, a front end rebuild (if needed) and possibly radial tires on powder coated rims.

          Owning two trucks is nice but storing them is difficult if you only have one garage. Ol' Blu is spending the winter days in my neighbor's garage for which he is charging me nothing. I am extremely grateful believe me. As you can see it is a very tight fit which basically means the truck has to be pushed in and out as once in I cannot open the door.

         By the way, I was experimenting with this digital toy and found that it converts color to black and white much better than I ever could in my dark room days. We live in that part of Canada where snow is rare. (The day after he said that, they got clobbered with snow!! ~~ Editor :) Hard to believe isn't it. We do get some rain and when the days are dry, the trucks come out. I don't go far. Basically just to "exercise them." The truck in my neighbor's garage is blocked in by two of his vehicles and although he is happy to move them for me, I don't want to impose. However, when the day is nice and his cars are gone, out she comes. I did leave the '49 out one winter and even without the snow, I felt that the harsh climate was not the best.

         Come Spring it will live in my driveway while my '53 stays in my garage. I have to do something about this storage situation. Unfortunately the municipality will not allow me to build a double garage, so it might mean I will have to consider selling the '53 (again)! (Ooo -- awful thought ~~ Editor.)

Thank you!

Bill Jesse

13 July 2004

From Bill:

          Here is the one and only shot of "Ol' Blu." I thought you might be interested in seeing it. She is my favorite of the two (Bill has a 1953 Chevy 5-window 1/2-ton)

          Ol' Blu is a sweet-looking 1/2-ton but can't say why. I think it is a nostalgic thing.

 Bill Jesse


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