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Mike "Dakota" Jordanger's

1950 Chevy 3600

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25 January 2005

From Mike:

        This is from the new kid on the block. Just to let you know that I enjoy this site better than any one that I found. The grandkids stay with us and need the internet for homework. So, the old fart is getting to look for stuff himself and learn about it. This is all new to me so I'm learning a little more every day. The grandkids are a lot of help they are 12 and 13 and love to take things apart.

        Well, here is a picture of the '50 3600 that will be the boys in Texas when it's done. A little cold in South Dakota, so work is slow in the winter.

        A little about me. Started the old truck craze with a 1953 3100 -- still have it but in parts! Traded a '76 short box stepside for it. Then it went to the first '50 that is being done now.

        You can just make out part of the '49 4400 in the background. That's a story in itself. I had to trade for a '47 4100 to get the metal box on it but it works great. Everyone needs a dump truck!

        On with the '50 ... as you can see by these pictures, even though you don't have much there, you still need to move it. So put in a chair and OSHA approved red gas tank. I needed some more parts for the '50 so I picked up a '51 3100 and another '53 3100 to round out the field. Always looking just hard to find the time to put them together. The way it keeps growing, I need something to get the trucks home. So made another trade for the '47 6100. As you can see in the background, I had to put up a dirt pill so the better half could not see the parts bind from the house. Otherwise, I would have had to move into one of them!

        Will send another batch of pictures later. Maybe have one of the '47 (you do ~ Editor), '49, '50, '51, '53, '54. Also have a '64, '65, '78, All Chevies! I have started a journal for future projects!

        Until later. Keep up the good work. I keep learning new things every time on go to the best sight for these old trucks.

Thank you,

Mike Jordanger
Bolter #5525
Box Elder, South Dakota

        In October 2005, Mike sent in a really great story (actually a submisison for the Alternative Gallery) about his Dad and his 1939 Ford Pickup. Nice read about old trucks and families. ~~ Editor

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