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Tony Taylor's

1941 1/2-Ton Chevy AK


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19 January 2005


From Tony:

         Well …this is my boy “PETEY.” He’s a 1941 ˝-ton “AK” built in Ontario, CA in July.

         As you can see, he’s pretty much stock except for an extra mirror and tail light. Came off the line with a 216ci and a three speed that’s still keeping up with today's traffic in town. He’s not afraid of the expressway but I just don’t like to let him get wound that tight.

         Picked Pete up in El Segundo, CA about a year ago and he seems to like it here in West Tennessee. He’s retired now and only lets dogs hang out the window and kids honk his horn while putt’n around town.

        Petey still sports his original 6 volts, “ball & cup” steering, drum brakes and 16 inch wheels with 750 tires. He’s even got his original spare tire carrier with lock.

        Petey got his name from the Little Rascals dog of the same name and seems to like it. I swear you can here every cylinder hit with the most beautiful melody when I’ve got him clicking along at about 40 mph. That front bumper turns up into a big proud smile. I wouldn’t dare put sound deadner in his cab.

         Pete’s going to stay as stock as he was from the factory. His original color was Brewster Green with Black fenders and we’ll get back to that after a few years of driving enjoyment with this temporary color.

         I forgot to mention Petey’s never been restored, just a quick coat of paint and regular lube’n and lots of drive’n. He’s only got one problem … He likes to mark his territory.

         I’ve enjoyed The Stovebolt Page for awhile now. Good Stuff ... Thanks.


Tony Taylor
Collierville, TN

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