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Jeff Keeling's

1939 Chevy 1/2-Ton JC

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01 January 2005

From Jeff:

     What Does Santa Drive? I bought the 1939 JC pretty much as you see it in the picture. The previous owner told me that it was freshened up with a coat of paint and a set of tires -- about 20 years ago. The 216 is the right vintage and runs strong. The truck has been converted to 12-volt system and has been upgraded to sealed beam headlights.

     I don't have a lot of history on the truck. I expect, like most of these old trucks from Eastern Carolina, it was an overworked, poorly maintained farm truck that survived the crusher due to the sound body (thanks to the good weather down in the south).

     I am really looking forward to talking to other Stovebolters and reading through the Tech Tips on your web pages. With a little help, I plan to make a good truck even better. I spent the last few weeks repairing the gas tank, rebuilding the front end, and installing new wheel bearings.

     Next on the list for upgrades: 1) RH brake light, with turn signals 2) improve transmission shift quality 3) figure out what's required to make the gauges work.

     As a note: my wife practically begged me to buy this truck because it RUNS, DRIVES and LOOKS GOOD! All it took for her to say, "GO BUY IT", was a few years of frustrated anticipation, watching me work on my other project -- a street rod, that will not be finished for several more years.

     Santa came to my house early this year!

Jeff Keeling
Greenville, NC

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