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Don Graham's

1971 Chevy C-20 Custom Deluxe

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11 January 2005

From Don:

     Here is an update on my 1971 C-20 Custom Deluxe. The truck has been restored to factory color inside and out. All rusted metal was removed and replaced. The pine wood bed was coated with six coats of a marine type finish, and the new bed strips were painted yellow to match.

     This truck is all factory down to the hubcaps and AM push button radio.


     The engine is a big block 400 (402) with a hydramatic transmission. Restoration parts were pretty readily available. However, the replacement tool box hinges were a challenge. A four-month search yielded them for me.


     If anyone needs some ...."Sorry, I already bought them."


     The kid (my daughter) is my best little buddy. She is six and is anticipating good weather so we can go to the drive-in to show off our truck.

Don Graham
Des Moines, Washington


07 December 2004

From Don:

     Here is my 1971 Chevy C-20 Custom Deluxe. I have owned this truck since 1988. I bought it with 32,000 original miles on the factory BB400. I have frequently had folks make offers. The latest was at the dump where a fella said if the truck was his he wouldn't use it as a work truck and pulled out $3500 cash. I declined and decided to get busy fixing the old girl up. Pics are pretty self explanatory.


     I am the owner of the truck, and my wife Nancy is the "wannabe owner" -- she rides shotgun. Hee, hee, hee.



     I had visitation with my (our) truck today. Here is where it's at. Almost four months in the shop. We hope to have her home in the next couple weeks so I can reassemble it and get all the new goodies on it.


Don Graham
Des Moines, Washington

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