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Ken Shirey's

1970 Chevy Longbed

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01 February 2005

From Ken: 

        Hi! I would like to get my truck on your cool site. It is a 1970 Chevy truck longbed, 350, auto, power steering.

        The history of the truck is that my Dad bought this truck a long time ago. He loved this truck. He went everywhere in it. He used to take his dog for rides in it.

        I am restoring the truck because my Dad passed away and I think he would like that. It needed a paint job for a long time but he used to say if he painted it, he would have to worry about scratching it. So now I did paint it. I haven't put it back together yet but I will.

        Thanks. I have some old pix of it. I'll try to send later. The pix here is after the paint job.

Ken Shirey
Columbus, Mississippi

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