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Duane Wilhelm's

1941 1.5-Ton Art Deco Firetruck

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19 February 2005

From Duane: 

      Hi all. I just recently acquired my third Art Deco truck. The first two may have run prior to being parked but that is debatable.

      My new one is a honey. It is a '41 ton and a half (I think) with a firetruck body on it. Its first owner was the Golden Glow Fire Company in the Elmira, NY area. In 1952 (or '54) it was bought by the Elmira Fire District No. 2. In 1995 it was bought by the guy I bought it from, and now it's mine.

      The tank was fabricated by the prisoners at the Elmira Reformatory back in '41. She's nearly all original as far as I can tell and she runs pretty well.

      The truck truly is blue (not a problem with your screen). The guy that owned it before me painted it blue, gold, and white. He was in the Kiwanas and that is their color scheme. It is, admittedly, an odd color for a firetruck, but paint is relatively cheap

      My big concern was getting her home. Figured I would just drive ... it was only about 50-60 miles or so. However, it ended up being a "real trip" in more ways than one. The right rear brakes seized and I had to have a guy with a roll back haul it home. The rear tires were less than an inch from the back edge of the body, and the front bumper was right up against the front of the bed. That was a bit nerve wracking. It did finally make it home.

      Really enjoy The Stovebolt Page. I particularly like browsing through the Gallery. The '41 - '46's are my favorite. Thanks for including the old girl in the gallery.

Duane Wilhelm
Steuben County, New York

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