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Chris Foster's

1957 Chevy "Truck"

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08 February 2005

From Chris: 

      Hello Stovebolters!

      Submitted for your approval are three pictures of my 1957 Chevy truck.

      To answer the required questions the truck is ..

      1) A 1957 truck .... Bread? Milk? Step van? HELP!

      2) My name is Chris Foster

      3) I had been looking for a motor home on eBay when I came across this 1957 truck that had been converted into an RV. I fell for the truck almost instantly. It had loads of character and appeared to stand proud. Unbelievably, the truck sold for a price that I could afford. Whooooo Hooooooo!

      The Chevy is located in Boston, and I will be making a trip out there soon to go and get my new truck. I have no idea what Chevy called these trucks, and am unsure if the box on the back is even original.

      Thank goodness I finally found you guys! The members on this site are amazing. The information they gave me has led me to pictures and articles and now I know quite a bit.

      I booked a flight to Providence for the 23rd and can't wait to see the truck in person. I will be sure to send new pictures as soon as I get her home and cleaned up a bit!

      Thanks again for the great site and all your efforts.

Best regards,


Chris Foster
Bloomington, Indiana

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