Marc Collins'

1956 Studebaker 1/2-Ton

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01April 2001

From Marc

     Here's a pic of my '56 Studebaker 1/2-ton. I bought it with an updated drivetrain + chassis, and that was about it. (Figured the asking price to be worth the 400 sbc, TH350, Ford 9" rear, and the power rack w/11" disc brakes.)

     The rest of the truck was slightly miserable - ie. plastic windows, dead shocks, an interior that belonged in a boat, and about 50 lbs of filler were among the first to go.Then, low and behold - there's actually a very nice truck under there. (I should say my keen eye observed this long before, knew the truck would need a little coaxing.)

     After a few years work (everything been re-worked) and a healthy amount of cash (still less than a new truck), I'm almost satisfied with the results.

     Now it's time to start that '47 AD I've had sitting for the past few years (get ya' some pic's of that as soon as it's off the jackstands and ready to roll outta' the garage ). This one will be a '50's style custom hauler (maybe keep it in primer so I can actually use this one as a truck).

Thanks for showin' it off for me,

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