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Rusty Miller's

1930 Chevy Delivery Truck

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19 February 2005

From Russell: 

      I noticed you don't have any '30 Chevy pictures yet. This is my 1930 Chevy delivery truck. My father bought it in the mid '60's, restored it in the mid '70's and sold it in '84 to someone I knew.

      It was stored in a trailer for 16 years while the owner told me he would restore it and he wouldn't sell it back to me. He passed away last summer and left the truck to me.

      I replaced the top, gas tank, battery and tires, rebuilt the carb and fuel pump and had the radiator re-done, it fired right up! An oil change and tune up later, and I had it back on the road and have been driving it as often as I can.

      It is registered as a 1930. The DMV used the engine number as the VIN # since the ID plate is illegible.

      It has the original straight 6, 3-speed trans and mechanical brakes, etc. The rear bed section was rebuilt in the '70's to match the original style it came with.

      I can send more pictures if you need them or any other info you might need. I hope it makes a nice addition to your gallery.



Russell Miller
San Diego, CA

      Great story, great truck and glad to have a '30's in the gallery as I'm sure you're glad to have your Dad's truck back! ~~ Editor

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