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Andrew Hunter's

1942 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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09 February 2005

From Andrew: 

      This is my 1942 Chevy 1/2-ton pickup. My Stovebolt name is Apart hillbilly. I have been looking at your gallery for a while (a year or so) as a guest. I came across it looking for parts for my brothers 1964 Stepside. Ya, he got the cool truck at 16. He also now has a '52. I had a '77 Nova and a 1979 Scottsdale 4 x 4 at 16.

      When I was 12, I lived in north Georgia mountains and we raced cars. A friend of my dad's had his grandfathers truck a 19?? Chevy unrestored and it still is siting in the field. Next time I go home I will take pics. But I fell in love. Then after finding your site, it rekindled that fire and I had to find one. Been looking for a while on eBay and in local papers. With out the wife's knowledge of coarse :)

      Then I told her of my love for these trucks she said some day we could talk about it. We men know how that goes! We purchased a new house in June of 2004 with a 2-car garage. So now I have a place to work on my old truck -- I say to me self. So I start looking harder to find a '41-46 truck. Stuck on those years because of the body style. So was looking a prices on eBay and in papers. None fit my budget.

      We had a baby in 2003 and am having another in April 2005. But it was on a Wednesday in January -- the 19th -- was at work on break looking at a small local paper -- The Valley Trader -- and there it was -- Chevrolet 1942 pu project asking $800.

      So I called home. Told the wife I wanted to go look at an old truck that evening. This is 9 am. It started to snow around 11 am that day but I was determined to look at this '42. So the man gave me directions to go look at it. I went. Was in love. The owner said, "I have the whole truck but it's all apart."

      Went home to talk wife in to getting the truck, complete truck and in the budget. She must love me very much because she said "Yes."

      Called the man up and he said "I got five more called on it today after you looked at it. Two guys want to look at it today, also." I told him I would take it. He said "money talked" so I drove back to his house in the snow with a check. When I got there he said "Did you see all the parts that go with it?" I said no. So we go to the field where the truck is and in a trailer next to the truck were all the parts.

      The man who owned it had it since 1986. It was going to be a project. He tore it down and moved on with life.

      So I sealed the deal and she was mine. Took me a week to get all the parts hauled home in the back of my '91 Chevy.

      After the first load, my wife said to me you look like a hillbilly hauling that thing home. Then I got a roll back to pick up the frame and cab. Now it is in the garage and I've started to put pieces back on, trying to figure out what we have and don't have. I will put it all together then tear it apart for a frame off restoration.

      Hope to have a truck in a few years that I can cruise town in with my kids and make them future Stovebolters, too.

      Will send updates as we go along. My wife likes the gallery a lot. She said one day our truck could look like some of the trucks that you guys have done.

Andrew Hunter
"Apart hillbilly"
Ranson, West Virginia

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