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1970 VW Karmann Ghia turned Dune Buggie "Daily Driver" ... can this be?

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16 February 2004

From Gary:

         This machine has taken on a life of its own. I bought a stripped, engineless '70 VW Karmann Ghia for $500. Sold the body for same and then went nuts with the cage and rustolium gloss black.

         It now has a tiny 1200 40 hp engine and no first gear. I'll drive it until the trans or clutch goes out, then make repairs. In the meantime, San Diego is my "go kart track."

         This has become my daily driver. With many thousands of sandcars and many '60's / '70's dune buggies in San Diego, suprizingly almost no one uses them on the street. Many are even powered with Northstar V-8's and trailered to the sand. It gets more looks than a new SSR and the police just waive me by. The California vehicle code is very liberal for pre-smog vehicle mods ('74 and earlier) and our junkyards are plentiful with great donors.

         The milk crate carries a dirt helmet for cold rides on the coast. Sweet '94 Explorer sits ready for freeway blasting.

         Hang on baby!

Gary Cornaglia

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