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John Kennedy's

1950 Chevy Suburban

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10 February 2005

From John: 

      Hey there! Haven't been around much in 2004. Althought, I've been on Stovebolt since '01 or so. I'm # 1637. But here is why! I've been busy!

      This is our '50 Burb. We bought it in 2001 (I think).

      Anyway, it actually starts and runs now! Just a quick turn of the 2003 Saab laser-cut key and it sounds real good!

      It's a 250 Chevy, 3 side-draught Dellortos, 700R4 trans, '85 Corvette rear suspension. I enjoy hot-rodding old-style, so I fabricated the intake, headers, linkage, rear suspension, all brackets, mounts.

      Hopefully I can add more pics to the gallery as we get-R-done! We hope to have it on the road soon as a daily driver.


      Always happy to answer any emails.

John and Darcy Kennedy
Tucson, Arizona

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