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Dean Brown's

1953 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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04 February 2005

From Dean:


      Well, here's the "before" pictures, just as we brought it home on the trailer a few months ago. The previous owner spotted another project and needed the cash from this one to start the new one. It was sold to us as a 1950, the title says 1951, and we think it is a 1953. Obviously not the original engine and it has a four-speed floor shift trans.

      It runs and puts out enough smoke to kill mosquitoes in a two block radius. The back fenders are in the bed, as is the grill. Included in the $1000 purchase price was a new chrome grill that cost $400 from Chevy Duty and a visor from I don't know what.

      It's in the garage waiting for completion of my son's 1974 Nova project that is now in the shop. Meanwhile the 1994 Caprice, 2001 van and the 2004 Chevy pickup are on the street and out in the weather.

      It's great to have wife and kids that love the old junk as much as I do. My 16 year-old daughter will certainly have the most unique rig on the high school parking lot. Hopefully none of the new Firebirds or rice-burners will pull out in front of her. She will mash them to nothing with that (semi-) chromed front bumper.



Dean Brown





      For contact information, check out Dean (CanyonAg77) in the Forums ~~ Editor

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