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1948 Chevy Thriftmaster

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22 February 2005

From David: 

      This is my 1948 Chevy Thriftmaster (could be wrong on the year though). It was last road registered in 1983.

      It was bought new from Eagers dealership in Toowoomba by a neighbouring dairy farming family as their main vehicle. The family had an interest in horse racing and it was taken to weekend race meetings all around southeast Queensland. It was used to cart milk in cans to local processing factory, as well as hauling hay, posts, firewood, gravel etc. on the farm.

      Front damage is from an incident with historic 10" thick wood guide post on the way home from a day at the races. Continuous light use over the last 20 years has kept it in running order. The elderly owner was often seen truckin' around the farm or idling in the shed. The owner gave it to me when was no longer able to get around unaided.

      It is now used to carry fencing gear and chase cattle around the farm. Climbs dam walls and negotiates washouts with ease. "Awe-inspiring when driven in a spirited fashion."

      Not sure whether to restore or maintain in current original condition. Dashoard dials and headlights all in order and I have the original owner's manual containing all specs. I have more pictures if you'd like to see them. Check the website or feel free to drop me a line.


David Hennessy

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