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A Cool Old Truck

Glenn A. Foster's

1946 Chevrolet 1.5-Ton

"Ol' Blue"

03 December 2004

From "Glenn's Stovebolt Buddies"

     Ol' Blue is a 1946 Chevrolet 1.5-ton with a 4 speed transmission, whatever rear end was put in it at the factory, and a rebuilt bed.

     I have had the truck since 1978 when I bought it in Arizona. The story, I am told, is that the truck was bought new in Phoenix, driven to the Prescott Valley and spent it's active life there on a ranch doing whatever needs to be done on a ranch. Sometime in the '70's (maybe the late '60's), it was parked when the old cowboy who owned it was no longer able to drive the truck. A fellow in Jerome bought the truck, then decided to sell it in 1978, and I just happened to be the lucky buyer.

     I drove Ol' Blue to Tucson, then in 1982 to Winslow where I lived until 1988. I moved to Kansas City and stored him back in Tucson with a friend who did the work of cleaning him up a bit and building a new bed.

     In 1997 Ol' Blue and I drove to Orange County, California where I had no room to keep him at home, so he had to stay at a storage lot and got pretty lonely.

Glenn A. Foster

     Editor's Note: George Mills spotted GAF on Whitney Haists' web site (another longtime Stovebolter). George, Fred Scott and a bunch of the other Bolters tried to give GAF a hard time about not having his truck in Stovebolt gallery. Always the calm, wise cowboy, the Great GAF, "You are welcome to use this -- 'fyawnt to!'"

     And we just gotta include GAF's sign off:

Drivin' down a 2 lane country road in a stovebolt.....cowboy, it don't get no better than this!


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