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A Cool Old Truck

George Downing's

1969 Chevy 1-Ton

01 December 04

From George:

         This is a 1969 1-ton I bought at a highway department auction after a similar one that I had been using to haul logs revealed some rather disastrous repair attempts by former owners. Have you ever seen a spindle nut welded on? Well, that is what I had to chisel off to get inside the front drum which was filled with grease and wheel cylinder parts! Not knowing how many more of these "repairs" were present, I designated her a parts truck and went shopping :)

         As you can see, this new beast is not the prettiest thing on 6 wheels, but I think she has some potential. What really caught my eye was the 157" wheelbase. Once I replaced a few ignition parts, the old 350 started right up and began to purr quite nicely despite having sat for six years.

         All the springs are shot, and many are broken. She'll get new coils in the front, and a goodly stack of leafs w/ helpers in the back. Also, new balljoints, bushings, brakes, etc.

         This is going to be a work truck, so no full restoration, but eventually I will get the body straightened out with some decent fenders and such. I think she'll do quite nicely!

George Downing
Dismal, TN

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