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A Cool Old Truck

Randy Wilson's

1951 Chevy 1-Ton Flatbed


13 December 2004

From Randy:


     Like the site, Stovebolt. The forum has been really helpful in answering my questions.

     Here are two pictures of the truck, BLUE. It's a working truck. We use it for hauling wood and hay. I have owned it about a year now.

     It is a 1951 Chevy, Flatbed, 1-ton, dually, model 3800 with a 1969, 292 cid engine.

     My biggest challenge has been finding traction tires for the 18" split rims. Finally gave up and got six new highway tires. I tried getting some replacement wheels but that is a deadend on on a 1-ton dually, unless you spend $1800 on new wheels and tires. It was suggested on the Stovebolt forum that I try and find some old UPS truck wheels - as they are 19" and match up with the bolt pattern and tire sizes that fit. I have not been able to locate such wheels - since all the UPS trucks are now smashed and not available for parts (because of homeland security issues).

     If anyone has suggestions on some other wheels or traction tires to fit my split rims (600x18) - I am still in the market.

     Thanks for making The Stovebolt Page available.


Randy Wilson
Eureka, Montana


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