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Jimmy Bryant's

1948 Chevy 1/2-Ton Thriftmaster

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28 August 2006 UPdate

From Jimmy:

           Hey all. My wife and I were in Cape Cod for two days after being in Prince Edward Island from June 25-29. We had driven our '48 half ton Chevy truck from South Carolina. Going through New York City, the roads were so bumpy that a shock broke and our alternator bracket cracked but we kept on going. We met some really nice folks (who could weld).

           The picture is of PEI National Park and the truck (of course). We took four days of travel (250-500 miles each day). Very hot going up but cool in New England and Canada. We stayed at bed and breakfasts most of the way.

           The ' 48 has a 235 with 3-speed and 2.73 rear end but we averaged 60 miles per hour.

Jimmy Bryant
Bolter # 5289
Charleston, South Carolina

           Wow, what a small world. We had been up there (PEI) with John's family those same dates (came home July 1). Too bad we didn't see you on the road. I'm sure we would have flagged you down. Wouldn't that have been a hoot! ~~ Editor [an error occurred while processing this directive]

13 December 2004

From Jimmy:

           Here's another cool truck. I purchased this one from a nice couple in Clinton, Tennessee.

           God does answer prayer! My wife even likes this one!

           In 1995 or so, my wife wanted to get rid of the two Corvairs I had in the driveway so she spotted our 1953 1/2-ton 5-window truck. It had a newer drive train with primered bed (complete with plywood for the floor), no windows. Really needing lots of work and $. It took ten years but we got it in pretty good shape - then gave it to my 20 year old college son who loves old trucks too.

           This prompted our new purchase of this truck. We were traveling to see my daughter and son-in-law up in Louisville, Kentucky and spotted this '48 at a craft fair.

           I drove from Charleston, SC with a trailer to bring this nice restored original to the house.

           I am in the process of putting a 235 and open drive with a 2.73 rear end from an '85 Blazer.

           This truck is my only transportation (my choice) besides the family Jeep (167,000 miles). I am a minister and need to travel a great deal so I need to get on the freeway and go all over the south with this cool ride!

           Tim Sheridan (another Stovebolt guy) is buying my 216 drive train.

           At our church we are trying to reach as many people as possible for the Lord, and so we have sponsored two community classic car/truck shows with some real good turnouts. We give away lots of food and have sort of a fall festival atmosphere. We keep running into so many people with classic trucks and cars in this area. There are all kinds of ways to witness and have fun doing it!

           Thanks for the site. God bless you.

Jimmy Bryant
Bolter # 5289
Charleston, SC

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