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A Cool Old Truck

Bert Green's

1945 1.5-Ton Chevrolet 216 Grain Truck

17 December 2004

From Bert:

     Here are some pictures of my 1945 1.5-ton Chevrolet 216 Grain Box with Lift.

     After retiring in 2004, we began looking for a BIG truck for our new interest -- demolition and house remodeling. We searched all over Michigan looking for a 1950 -1954 Chevy truck. When we did locate a truck (only five miles away), it was purchased by another family right as we pulled in the driveway.

     So we searched some more -- 8 months at least. And there it was! Just 1.5 miles down the road from our Bay City, Michigan home. I caught a glimpse of my 1945 grain truck with lift hiding behind a silo on a nearby farm.

     On my first trip to visit the owner, I was turned away. He wasn't ready to sell. My second trip back, I left him my number and he called three days later to have me come look at the truck. It was in running condition. While discussing the condition of the truck, the owner demanded half as much as I was prepared to pay. Much to my joy!! He said, "You want it, you got it" and I drove it home.

     We rebuilt brake cylinders and tightened up the steering. We use it often for our home remodeling business. This winter (2005), we are going to replace the 216 motor with a 235 from a 1955 COE GMC found in the woods by Iron Mountain, Michigan.

     The question about the sign on the barn in the background that says "K-B Green and Daughters" ... we bought our 1890's farmhouse with outbuildings in the 1970's and restored the house and barns. Being that we have no sons but three daughters, we customized our own sign to match the signs of neighboring farms.

     We'll send more photos as we make progress.

Bert Green

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