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A Cool Old Truck

Ove Hamre's

1959 Chevy Apache

07 December 2004

From Ove:


     This is my 1959 Apache. It was imported to Norway in 1997 from Kansas, and I bought it last year from a gay that had given up on it. He had dismantled it, had everything sandblasted and coated with epoxy zink primer. He bought a lot of parts like disk brake conversion kit, windshield wiper, bushings, rubber gaskets, front window and more.

     My plan is to restore it to a original look, and change the driveline to a more modern one to be able to use it as my everyday driver. For starters, I am going to use the old 307 engine I got with it. But in the future, I am putting in a modern diesel engine to make it affordable to use.

     I have welded all the rust on the cab, had it blasted again, painted with epoxy zink and a intermediate layer of epoxy paint before an epoxy top layer underneath the cab. For the rest of the truck I am using normal car paint.

     I have no plans of when to finish, but am trying to work on it whenever I feel for it. Just so I don't get tired of it.



Ove Hamre


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